Ein deutsches Requiem

In 2024, the LUK will celebrate its 55th anniversary and we will celebrate this with a unique anniversary concert: Ein deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms. Save the dates: 16 and 17 May

Sol Invictus

After Muted and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, it is once again time to put the Christmas tradition on our programme. With ‘Sol Invictus’ – the Unconquered Sun – we celebrate the return of light. Enjoy Sol Invictus, where a beautiful mystery can emerge from a hopeful silence.

Recap Dido and Aeneas

Full of pride, we look back on this unforgettable, grand and unique project! We are so proud of our performance of Henry Purcell’s opera “Dido and Aeneas”. Enjoy these wonderful memories with us.

Introduction to Dido and Aeneas

Want to make the most of your opera experience with the LUK? An introduction by our dramaturg Maarten Boussery is the ideal last-minute preparation!

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Heavenly beautiful and devilishly good! This semester, the Leuven University Choir and the Arenberg Orchestra are teaming up for the concert “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”.


2021-2022. SO happy we can perform again! Rediscovering “choir” during and post corona.