Want to become friends?

If you have a particularly warm heart for the choir, you can become a friend of the LUK. Friends support our operation financially and ensure that we can keep our rehearsal weekends and other activities affordable for our members.

Friends can count on a number of benefits during concerts that we organize ourselves:

  • free entrance
  • reserved seats
  • your name in the program booklet

For €65 you can become a friend of the LUK for a year. For €100, both you and your partner can count on all the benefits.

Are you interested? Send Emma, our treasurer, an email: penningmeester@leuvensuniversitairkoor.be.

A one-time gift

You can also support the choir once. With a donation, you support the choir and help us to keep our activities affordable for our members.

Gifts are very welcome since the choir has lost some important income due to the corona epidemic. We propose the following donations, but other amounts are also possible.

  • Bronze gift €15
  • Silver gift €30
  • Gold gift €50

You can make your donation to BE96 7350 5963 7305, stating “donation”.

Become a sponsor

By supporting the Leuven University Choir, your company connects to an association with a reputation in Leuven and beyond. Year after year we reach a large audience. Our former members, fellow students and the university community follow our activities closely.

By becoming a sponsor, you support one of the largest music associations at KU Leuven. In this way, you not only make our activities and concerts possible, but you also support cultural life in and far beyond the university. And that should be seen.

Are you interested in sponsoring us? Then contact penningmeester@leuvensuniversitairkoor.be for more information about our sponsor packages.