The artistic team

One month from now, we will be performing our opera production of Dido & Aeneas. In the coming weeks, we will take you behind the scenes of our production. This week, we would like to introduce our director, conductor and dramaturg (from left to right in the picture).

Let’s start with Bas. A native of Diksmuide, he obtained a master’s degree in mathematics in Ghent. He then took a theatre course in Brussels and now teaches part-time art education. In our opera, Bas takes on the role of director. He directs the actors and is ultimately responsible for costumes and décor. Bas is enormously fascinated by what the human body can achieve on stage. He lets the choir experiment with that to make the staging fit as a whole.

Those already somewhat familiar with the LUK already know Kevin. For four years, he has been our conductor. In this project, he takes charge of the musical direction. In addition, he also provided a top team behind the scenes: Bas and Maarten, whom we are proud to call our director and dramaturge. They played together in the Ghent University Symphony Orchestra years ago and their bond has clearly not been watered down.

Finally, we would like to introduce our dramaturg, Maarten. He comes from Ghent, where he also obtained his master’s degree in language and literature. In his second master he did an internship at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. He now works there part-time as a dramaturg. Since this year, he also works freelance as a dramaturg. He also plays this role in our version of Dido & Aeneas. He watches over the artistic choices of the direction concept during rehearsals. Towards the final stage of our opera, Maarten provides the framework. He is currently writing the programme booklet and on the day of the performance he will also be responsible for the introduction – to which the audience can come and listen beforehand – in which the opera is framed as clearly as possible.

In conclusion, it should be noted that Kevin, Bas and Maarten are all great wine lovers. All three of them are already looking forward immensely to getting to know each of you at the reception!