© Emmanuel van der Beek

Fifty years of history

In 1969, two students founded the Leuven University Choir. What they did not know then is that in the half century that followed, more than a thousand students would sing in the LUK. That they would travel and dream. And that they would continue to meet.


© Anneleen van Kuyck

Every five years, the Leuven University Choir organises a celebration. Former members meet during the jubilee day (2019)

Recent history

For the choir’s 50th anniversary, a handful of chroniclers compiled its recent choral history, a tradition that has been continuing ever since. You can find the texts here.

  • Aeterna
    2021-2022. SO happy we can perform again! Rediscovering “choir” during and post corona.
  • Interjubileumschlageravond
    During this special ‘schlageravond’ (a cantus in LUK-style), almost 200 members, former members and former conductors came together to sing their way through the 53 year old history of the LUK.
  • The end of an era
    2013-2014. Marleen De Boo concludes her term as conductor with a jubilee year. The choir travels to Poland and Germany.

Former conductors

Piet Geusens (1969-1974), Johan Geusens (1974-1979), Paul Geusens (1979-1981), Luc Geusens (1981-1985), Peter Dejans (1985-1988, 1994-1995), Johan Dejans (1988-1990, 1994-1995), An Dejans (1990-1993), Han Koole (1993-1994), Edwig Abrath (1995-1999), Dieter Staelens (1999-2003), Tineke Verlooy (2003-2004), Dirk De Nef (2004-2009), Marleen De Boo (2009-2014), Koen Vits (2014-2019)